Our Team

Tim de rooij


An ocean pirate by heart, he spent the last five years on projects to preserve this beautiful ecosystem. His main goal; was to stop plastic pollution in the oceans. He joined two “Plastic” research expeditions to the Atlantic and Pacific gyres. After, he became a teacher to tell about the plastic problem, educate and create awareness. Now, he is fully dedicated to stop fishing net waste in the ocean and found a passion in his game Beachaton.

Ruben Dubbelaar

Creative Developer

Frank is a creative developer with roots in landscape design, he is an unstoppable force with lots of experience in executing international professional projects. Being the creative brain behind many of the Beachaton successes, he has a hidden dedication for the game beachaton, the beach and the beauty of the ocean.  

Tomas van der Heijde

Beachaton developer

Active in nature conservation and sustainable processes, he has become an unmissable force for Plastic Playgrounds Baachaton. Being the consultant for sustainable environmental practices he lifts the durability and quality of Beachaton to the next level.