Plastic Playgrounds want to clean the Ocean from fishing net pollution and create sustainable and circular sports and sport events.

We designed a new sport called Beachaton. Beachaton is the first circular sport in the world using only waste materials to make Beachaton equipments. The Beachaton paddles and nets will be made out of fishing nets. Like this if give this waste a value again and create incentives to clean the ocean from this dangerous waste.

The beachaton peddles will be made from recycled fishing nets and dolly rope, A high quality plastic called HDPE 2 which is hard, firm and available in lots of beautifull colours and therefore a perfect material for our Beachaton peddles!



Beachaton Paddles

Beachaton ‘Dare to beach different’

What is the game of Beachaton and how do you play it. Check it in this video!

Beachaton experience 

Create awareness, provide education and contribute to a healthy society.

The Beachaton experience will be a cleanup on at the beach and its coastal waters. The plastic waste we collect we will directly recycle with our mobile recycling machine. Like this we make recycling tangiable for society. Ofcourse we will make Beachaton paddles and play a nice tournement of Beachaton to close the day. Dare to Beach Different


Setting up the Recycling infrastructuur for  fishing nets

Dare To Beach Different Cleanup tour.


Social sport program for poor communities


Olympics Tokyo and other sport events


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