The Beach contains a range of items:

Volleyball nets, goals, hammocks, beach chairs, and trash bins. All of them use both repurposed fishing nets and recycled fishing nets. In summer the items can be placed on the beach for recreational purposes. But they can also create awareness of plastic pollution and showcase the circular economy. All the items in both setups are designed to be functional but also show their heritage as fishing nets. 

The Beach playground


Beachaton a new beach game to clean up the ocean from ‘ghost nets’

Not all nets can be repurposed. Besides, the fishing waste contains a lot of small waste, like dolly rope. Luckily, this waste is made from commonly used plastics, Which is easy to recycle. 

Here, we saw an amazing opportunity to think out of the box and create a new beach game called ‘Beachaton’ in which we can use repurposed and recycled fishing nets. We aim to create a fun way to gain attention for this serious problem and keep our oceans clean from ghost nets.

Beachaton Peddles


The Beachaton peddles will be made from recycled fishing nets and dolly rope, a high-quality plastic called HDPE. It is hard, firm, available in many colors, and, therefore, a perfect material for our Beachaton peddles. 

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