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Plastic Playgrounds want to clean the Ocean from fishing net pollution and create sustainable and circular sports and sport events.

Many countries with fishing industries generate fishing gear waste. The main port of The Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam, collects, for example, around 300 tons of net fishing waste each year. These nets remain at the waste collector because there is no working infrastructure to process and recycle them, yet these nets are made from high-quality plastic that is easy to recycle. 

It is time to include these plastic fishing net waste into the circular economy and make new beautiful products out of them. To clean the oceans from fishing nets. 

Beachaton Paddles

The story of fishing nets waste

Fishing nets are the deadliest type of plastic pollution in the oceans. This has got to stop!

An estimated 640.000 tons of fishing nets end up in the ocean yearly, causing a worldwide environmental disaster. Being four times deadlier than other marine debris, ‘ghost nets’ are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals like whales, giant manta rays, sea turtles, manatees, and ocean-going birds.

This has got to stop!

Re-purpose and upcycle

A mountain of old ‘end life’ fishing nets is a fantastic colorful sight and gives you the feeling you want to climb and play in it. A plastic playground! And what could be a better place than the beach to re-purpose these nets into playgrounds?


Setting up the Recycling infrastructuur for  fishing nets

Dare To Beach Different Cleanup tour.


Social sport program for poor communities


Olympics Tokyo and other sport events


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Our Team

We have a great team who have a deep connection to the ocean and to sports and sustainability. 

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Creative Developer

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