Ghost Gear Academy

“Ghost gear” is any discarded, lost, or abandoned fishing gear in the marine environment. The Ghost Gear Academy is a mobile academy that visits ports and beaches surrounding the European coastal areas. We organise beach clean-ups, sports, snorkelling and product creation workshops with recycled fishing nets. 

beach clean up

On-site Activities

Coastal Clean-up

On all beaches we arrive at, we do a coastal clean-up with the local community.


In each event, we tell the story of fishing net pollution. Additionally, we provide basic knowledge about the sea and its marine life. 

Recycling workshops

Onsite, using recycled fishing nets, we create new products such as bracelets, paddles and frisbees. 

beach paddle

Circular Sports Events

We will introduce our new sport “Beachaton” where we use recycled paddles. Moreover, we will play tournaments with recycled frisbees made out of fishing nets.  These events are arranged for schools, sports clubs and organised events. 

beach paddle

Mobile recycling machines

We perform hands-on recycling using semi-industrial mobile recycling machines. We directly use the plastic waste on the beach and make new products. The devices include a shredder, an extruder, a sheet press and a 3d printer. With the shredder, we can shred the plastic into small pieces. With the extruder, we make sports products like Beachaton paddles, frisbees and 3d filament, which is used in the 3d printer to make any product participants can design themselves. We make safety/sports whistles connected to safety on the sea, beach, and sports. Moreover, we create recycled jewellery and key chains with the sheet press.