Lake Victoria Cleanup

From August until September 2022 our team visited Lake Victoria to follow up our current project in Uganda


About the Project

Lake Victoria is a huge Lake in the middle of Africa with 3 countries bordering its shores. It also has the second biggest inland fishery in the world. This means there is a lot of fishing being done and fishing gear being used. The fishing gear often gets lost on the lake, and you can find many nets along the shores. This harms the environment and health of local communities close to the lake.


With the project, we want to clean up fishing gear that is already lost, organize a waste infrastructure for fishing gear waste, recycle the fishing gear into new products benefiting the local communities, work together with fishers to create awareness for this problem and provide education to young children to teach them about the importance of the Lake and make them ambassadors for future restoration.

Join us

Of course, this will be a process of many years, and within those years, there are lots of opportunities to research different types of topics involving the project.

Available topics

Plastic Pollution in the lake

Ecological Impact

Social Impact


Fishing Community


Waste Infrastructure 

Workshops and Education 


If you think one of these topics fits your interest and you are looking for an internship or a thesis topic, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the opportunities for working in our team.